September 13, 2010


GooberGuides™ is a new concept in technical help. Instead of one huge printed book that laboriously covers every conceivable detail about a software product or topic, GooberGuides™ are intended to be narrowly focused on just the issues you want or need to know about. They get you up, running and comfortable in very short order, or provide all the detail and more than you would expect from the equivalent chapter in a book.

For example, let’s say you just purchased a license of a software product such as Adobe® RoboHelp HTML™. You open the application and become totally bewildered by the myriad options that are available. You open the help system but see nothing that provides the “nickel tour” and helps you feel productive in short order. Everything you find just seems to explain what this feature does or that feature does on a screen by screen basis. You don’t really have the time or the patience to work your way up. Sure, it’s nice to know the product inside and out, but you just want to feel productive in as short an order as you can.

Perhaps you then head to the book store and manage to find a third party book on the product. Sometimes, after reading through just a few pages, you figure out that you spent your money on what is pretty much a printed version of what you already have in the on-line help that ships with the product!

That’s where GooberGuides™ comes to the rescue. Instead of trying to be the “end all” solution covering every conceivable aspect of the product and forcing you to buy the whole farm in order to munch on a few tasty peanuts, we break it up into smaller and more tightly focused details.

Sure, we plan on offering up expanded versions of things that describe the bits and pieces in substantial depth (along with tips and tricks on how to make aspects sing and dance), but we are going to focus on basics first.

We’re happy you’re here. Please look around the site and see if you like what we’re offering. Feel free to download the free trial. I tried to make it not only free, but useful as well.

GooberGuides™ are written and created by recognized experts that actually use the products being presented…

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